Friday, 2 August 2013

Socialite Pendo reveals that she Actually had S3x with Naija’s Davido

Socialite Pendo one of Kenya’s ratchet hoes has told her haters to piss off coz she got a million dollar pussy. Many argued that she didn’t suck the Naija’s dick but she is here to nullify all those mshenes and provide proof that Davido actually humped her till morning!!!
Anyway, here is her response to her haters telling them that Davido tortured her Coochie the whole night..                    

 first of all,,david daent know pendo,pendo is fo!!he knows staicey so maybe if pulse did their interview ryt thy wud have got the ryt info...anyway,he doesn't have a facebook account,so thea is no way he wud hav "blokd" me!!I blocked the wannabe after I talkd to HIM n he said "I use twitter n insta" not even BBM coz he uses an i-phone!! I may have been at the press conference,but as pple say u gata work to achieve,so I made my way there,got to at long last meet Deekay,my long time pal from hkn n through him,,I made my way to skyluxx for the play house party where all of us stuck up in the vip area!!I knew I had won my jackpot so thea was nothing to worry a matter of fact,he had spotted me too,we talked in a way only the two of us could understand!I had my fun n made my way home ready fo the big day... as I said I was not worried,so there's was no time in me hustlin to go to the backstage as other girls did...nooo!!I had my food ready to eat,after the event,my friend Deekay (hkn) buzzed me and asked me to turn up that he was asking for me..i made my way to galileo with my girlfriends,,I minded my own business until he spotted me and asked his deejay to come get me,,I still had no rush to be seen hanging out wth hm or anything,,so I sat down n had my drink that he offered...when it ws time to leave he held my hand and we left,on reaching the car the organiser said it wouldn't be safe coz of the media so david paid fo my cab that followed them directly to the hotel located in hurlingham,,wen I got thea he sent his deejay (Olu) to give me his key card to his room as he talked to someone...he escorted me to the room and the rest is self explanatory!! am not like those girls who take pix in bed and all...but I got proof,as he left me some wen he left for his flight early mornin!!”

Davido & Pendo resting after a romp

It has to a time when ladies are free to discuss their sex life and reveal how guys romped them!!! This is a fwaked up generation.
  Adopted from Ghafla