Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Kingwa Kamencu Arrested for Thieving & Putting her Neighbours' Underwears on Fire

Kingwa Kamencu

Former presidential hopeful Kingwa Kamencu was yesterday arrested and help at the central police station – Nairobi for stealing and burning her neighbors’ undies.
She informed her facebook enthusiasts that the charge sheet read: 'Theft with malicious intent'.

She went further to lament that she was caught "unhanging every item of underwear I've been finding on my neighborhood’s communal clothesline, as an attempt to further AUFA." 

AUFA is a movement which she brought up last year and it’s an acronym for - An Underwear Free Africa.

Apparently, she doesn’t consider it as “stealing” since her intentions were not to sell or wear them, but somewhat destroy them.
" I wasn't stealing the underwear to wear but rather to burn them, as underwear stands in the way of continental unity." she writes.

Checkout her facebook post here: Kingwa Kamencu Post

Awhile back Kingwa wanted to sacrifice white goats at arboretum since there appeared to be a shortage of unblemished white goats in the country. Recently, she defended Raphael Tuju’s wife who was unfaithful to him and she argued that “women are traditionally allowed to have more than one man in their lives.”

She has had radical views especially on the issue of wearing underwears which saw her come up with the AUFA Organization to campaign for the abolision of underwears in Africa.

#TeamMafisi where you? Kingwa doesn’t wear undies, sema kuachilia bidhaa zipate hewa lol.