Saturday, 25 May 2013

8 Genuine or Fake EXCUSES She does NOT Pick your Calls !

 Dating can be one of the most challenging yet rewarding experiences in your life. While dating should be a mutual engagement, most cases men find themselves giving too much case with little or no catch. If you ever come to such a point, you should consider auditing your action vis-à-vis your partner reactions to just be certain if your relationship is headed somewhere. Dating Nairobi women can be an uphill task especially when you don’t have a clear cut strategy on what you are looking for in a woman. Whether you meet in a club, dating site or in the streets, it does not matter all women respond the same way when it comes to one thing, picking your calls.

In this era of women empowerment where you find one woman is dating several men, you should be smart if you want to pick out these petty lies. You don’t have to invest in a lie detectors or spouse spy software just be smart. You may read the TOP SIX HURTFUL REASONS SHE WON'T PICK YOUR CALLS as a way of getting started with this problem, honestly you could be the problem!

Many men are worried when they have partners or girl friends that will not pick their calls or even text back. While it obvious that she might not be interested in you, it is not always the case. Learn from these tips on how to analyze your situation and determine whether you are begin taken for a RIDE!
When she is not picking your calls she may have some of the following reasons
that can either be genuine or fake let’s begin with the 5 genuine reasons:

# 1) I was in a Class or Meeting
This is one of the most common reasons that are given by girls for not picking your calls. If you trust your instincts, you should give her the benefit of doubt and try to find out on your own about her schedule

# 2) My Phone was on Vibration Mode or Silent (I didn’t hear your calls)
This is a 50:50 reason it can either be true or false, but in most cases there is a reasonable timeframe you can use to see if she is cheating. If she does not pick the calls on regular bases and don’t call back to apologize only to say her phone was off, there is a RED flag.

#3) My Phone was in the Hand Bag
My phone was in the hand bag is somewhat a genuine reason considering Kenyan women carry reasonably huge hand bags that are ‘self contained’  J

# 4) I was in a Noisy Matatu
This reason can only be valid when the lady is courteous enough to call you back and let you know about that. She can also be always on a matatu J Dude that’s a red flag!!

 # 5)  I was Sick
Most ladies who suffer severe mood swings may genuinely not pick your calls during such a time. Unless you know about her sickness, it might be very hard to determine whether this is true or false. In most cases if she is always sick and not picking calls, you don’t need a sick girl friend.

#6) I was with My Mum or Dad
If this is true, you are the problem not her, you should try to make her grow up or try not to date such a lady who is always tied to her mother purse strings.

#7 I was with My Friends
This simply means BOYFRIEND…there is absolutely no reason why a lady who is proud of you cannot pick calls when she is with her friend.

#8 My Phone is Spoilt
Try calling when you are with her, if its only spoilt when she is away from you ….she is a LOVE SCAMBUG!
These are few reasons but there are funnier ones that will make you burst out in laughter. All the same whenever you are in such a situation TRUST YOUR Instincts they RARELY lie!